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DTP Coronavirus information and contingency planning

The EnvEast DTP Contingency Plan is being regularly updated. If you have any concerns please email us on

This plan is guided by the UK government’s advice to the education sector, and guidance from NERC/UKRI, and is based on the following principles:

  • Students and staff involved in EnvEast activities (funded or otherwise supported by the consortium) should be able to follow advice to minimise infection WITHOUT fear that they will be financially penalised.
  • Students funded by the EnvEast DTP should receive appropriate advice and support to complete their PhD projects within the restrictions imposed by COVID-19


The DTP has created a fund to support homeworking. Details of suitable spend and process can be found in our Small Purchase Protocol.


University-Specific Coronavirus Guidance

University of East Anglia

Postgraduate Researcher-specific guidance / University-wide guidance

University of Essex

Postgraduate Researcher-specific guidance

Scroll down for link to download  'Advice and FAQs for Postgraduate Research Students (PGR Students) and Supervisors'

University of Kent

Postgraduate Researcher-specific guidance / University-wide guidance

University of Plymouth

Postgraduate Researcher-specific guidance / University-wide guidance


Risk Register and DTP Extensions Policy 

As part of tracking the impact COVID-19 is having on DTP research, we have compiled a Risk Register, which students are asked to complete (with their Primary Supervisor’s input). This will help us determine the most at-risk areas of research within DTP cohorts, and inform UKRI accordingly.

DTP Project Risk Register April 2020

You can also access our latest Extension Policy. Please refer to this when considering your eligibility to apply for an extension to your PhD. We will be prioritising those students in their final year of study, and as such, those of you who are impacted and applying from earlier years of study, will be looked at from June 2020 on a case-by-case basis.

DTP Policy On Funded Extensions April 2020

As always with PhD extensions, please discuss with your Primary Supervisor in the first instance, and only request extra time if you urgently need it. We are keen to distribute resources to the most in need.