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Think Big: Innovation training with Hethel Innovation

Hethel Engineering Centre

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

The ENVEast NERC DTP is very pleased to able to offer this fully-funded innovation training course in partnership with Hethel Innovation. As well as the training itself, the funding we have received from NERC also covers travel to and from UEA/Hethel, accommodation and subsistence. The training is open to all postgraduate research students and early career researchers working within NERC's science remit, and based at one of ENVEast's partner institutes.

Day 1 – Exploring and defining innovation

Explore innovation as a concept, and identify the different types of innovation used. Links will be drawn between research, technology development and innovation in the context of NERC funded research projects. Building on this, the day will continue as an interactive session exploring new ways of working – for example, using problem solving techniques to be used individually or with others. Innovation requires connectivity and the day will end with discussions surrounding the use of social media to communicate your research; how to improve your CV; and building towards creating a poster showcasing your experience.  

Day 2 – Understanding how to Innovate

Create the right environment for innovation by understanding the different cultures, organisations and team dynamics that drive innovative organisations and individuals. This will be used to explore the processes which allow organisations to encourage innovation and benefit from it. The interactive sessions will provide learning on innovation tools and techniques that you can take away and use on research projects and in your future career development. Finally, in preparation for day 3 there will be discussions surrounding potential applications for your research including learning mapping techniques to identify uses across different organisations and sectors.

Day 3 - Applying Innovation 

Place innovation into a global context in order to look at best practice in other economies and organisations across the world. The concept of clusters will be explored, along with the opportunities and challenges that they bring to research, business and the public sector. This will lead into an exploration of the potential impact of research, with discussions including your own research topics. Looking towards the later stages of innovation, information and direction will be given on the process of commercialising research and the value/ownership of the IP involved. The day will culminate in an exercise in presenting the potential impact of research to an audience made up of public, policy makers, businesses and charities.

Click here for the detailed programme [PDF]