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Workshop on coastal environmental management and fisheries

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March 2015

The University of Essex Colchester campus, on behalf of the EnvEast DTP, will host a two-day workshop aimed at building research relationships that will lead to new CASE studentship opportunities between Essex, UEA and Kent and various potential CASE partners. This will also provide a valuable introduction to potential research and KTP partnerships. We are budgeting on attendance of 50 participants.

The purpose is to engage our broad academic community across the three institutions with the very broad needs of the industrial, governmental and NGO environmental research needs. Specifically we have highlighted issues such as habitat conservation, sustainable exploitation, conservation conflicts, water quality, eutrophication and blue carbon; but all issues that affect the natural and human environment in coastal areas are welcome.

We have outlined participants as the Environment Agency, Natural England, the inshore fisheries conservation authorities, Cefas, and local authorities. But we would like to extend this participation invite to potential industrial partners such as Associated British Ports, Renewable Energy companies (e.g. RWE, Vattenfall), Conservation NGO/Charities and Fishing associations (recreational and commercial).


Day one will be about “Informal Introductions and First Dates”. Following a short welcome and introduction day one will start with two 20+10 minute keynote speaker and question sessions. Our aim is these will be delivered by a key representative of a regulating organisation (e.g. NE) and by a key representative of potential industrial and commercial CASE partners (e.g. Dept Business and Innovation and Skills). Throughout the morning and early afternoon, periods of short 5 minute talks by each delegate group will be followed by refreshments where attendees can browse posters by all participants (one poster per potential group/institution). The late afternoon will be a period of speed dating style one-to-one introductions to share and gather ideas for partnerships. At the end of day, during a drinks reception, participants will be asked to fill out short project proposal forms addressed to those attendees they feel could be an ideal research partner.  The evening will end with a social and meal at Wivenhoe House.

Day two is an opportunity to build on the potential proposals. The opening address will go into more detail about the CASE programme, opportunities for direct funding of studentships, and also funding opportunities for applied, innovation and KTP research grants with academic partners. For the rest of the morning the attendees will divide into small working groups to brainstorm through their outline proposals and determine what funding strategy is most suitable for each. Those that are determined to be ideal CASE studentships will be the focus in the afternoon, to work together to turn the outline proposals into draft EnvEast DTP applications.

Participants from all EnvEast universities and research partners are welcome. There is space for approximately 30-40 participants, so potentially 5 CASE supervisor partnerships per University.

For all enquiries, please contact Dr Tom Cameron,