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Innovation workshops at the University of Kent


The use of drones in conservation surveys and assessments

Drones are proving to be an extremely cost-effective tool for gathering field data in conservation programmes.

Drones can be used to collect data on species their distribution, abundance and their habitat. The most common method to do this is with standard cameras that obtain high-resolution images while the drone flies over an area. Aerial photographs can be stitched together to produce near real-time geo-referenced land-cover maps of surveyed areas and even 3-dimensional forest models. Drones can also be equipped with video cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and a host of other sensors which makes them useful for various applications in ecological and conservation research.

Date and time: Monday 23rd March 2015, 9:30-5pm

Location: University of Kent, Canterbury

Venue: Kent Sports Field and Pavilion

You can book your place for the workshop by emailing Note: Lunch is provided so please include any dietary requirements you have when emailing your booking.