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ENV East Doctoral Training Partnership


Applications to the EnvEast Doctoral Training Partnership are now closed.

Below you can browse some of the PhD projects we have previously funded; if you would like to be informed when applications open, or if you have any questions about EnvEast and our application process, please email us.

Projects previously funded by EnvEast


Marine microbial biogeochemistry of carbon monoxide

Project description


Microorganisms are the foundation of life and the key to Earth’s habitability and sustainability. Marine microbes perform a range of ecosystem functions, including maintaining the chemical composition of the oceans and atmosphere. One such ecosystem function, which is the subject of this PhD project, is the microbial oxidation of carbon monoxide (CO). CO is produced in seawater with most being oxidised by microorganisms, and therefore not able to escape into the atmosphere and influence climate processes. Very little is known about these microorganisms, how they regulate CO oxidation, the role of their diversity in maintaining this critical ecosystem function and how microbial CO oxidation fits into the wider carbon cycle.

This interdisciplinary PhD project will develop a better understanding of the microbial diversity that is sustaining the significant marine CO sink, and therefore establish a microbially-relevant CO biogeochemistry model. This will be achieved through a synergistic combination of laboratory microbial experiments, joint microbial diversity and biogeochemistry surveys during research cruises and the development of a novel biogeochemical model that incorporates CO-oxidising bacterial diversity.

  • Start date 1 October 2014