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Emma Cassar

Emma CassarEmma Cassar smiles at the camera


In 2009 I graduated from the University of Malta with a First Class Honours Degree in Geography. My interest in Water Management led me to create a Hydrological Model for freshwater rockpools as part of my Undergraduate dissertation. For my Master’s thesis I examined the management and regulation measures for the protection of groundwater in England and Malta, how both countries implement groundwater regulations, the drivers for such regulations and whether these regulations could be improved to meet future challenges. 

After my academic studies I wanted to experience the industry. I worked as an Environmental Scientist for an Environmental Consultancy, providing technical expertise in European funded projects, conducting qualitative and quantitative research through fieldwork, performing environmental monitoring, preparing method statements, and writing up reports leading to national policies. I later moved on to join the Malta Resources Authority as a Scientific Project Officer focusing on Climate Change dossiers, and reporting obligations as per directives and regulations emanating from the European Union as well as the UNFCCC, while also building a
Quality Management System for the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory process. 

My academic, industry and governmental experiences have increased my interest in examining human interaction and response towards the subject of climate change.


Current Research
Diffusion of low carbon innovations

Widespread adoption of low carbon innovations is needed to tackle climate change. Diffusion is the process by which innovations spread through a population of adopters. Diffusion is influenced by both the characteristics of a technology and adoption contexts, including policy and geography.

The aim of this project is to analyse the diffusion of low carbon innovations, focusing on ‘disruptive’ low carbon innovations. Disruptive innovations challenge prevailing technologies or practices, some of these innovations include car sharing networks, car clubs, smart homes, net zero energy homes, amongst many others that promote alternative car ownership or ways of heating and powering domestic life.

2006 University Junior College Award: Overall Grade A in Matriculation Certificate
2009 STEPS Scholarship for MSc Water Management option Environmental Water Management

Conferences & Presentations
October 9th to 11th 2012 in Graz, Austria. Presentation on Techniques to save water quantity 2nd SHARP International Conference & 6th SHARP Partners Meeting,

May 22nd to 24th 2012 in Kozani, Greece. Presentation of the Artificial Recharge of the Mean Sea Level Aquifer with polished TSE at the 1st SHARP International Conference & 5th SHARP Partners Meeting,

November 17th 2011 University Campus Malta. Representing the Malta Water Association in a debate "Water Scarcity In Malta: between EU regulations and local needs" during the Green Expo at the University of Malta.

Research group
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research