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Rhosanna Jenkins

Rhosanna JenkinsRhosanna Jenkins | Twitter | LinkedIn

ORCiD: 0000-0001-7970-5262

Academic profile
Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Geography in June 2013 and a Master’s degree in Risk and Environmental Hazards in September 2014 at Durham University, I moved to the University of East Anglia in October 2014 to start a research PhD in the School of Environmental Sciences.

Following work on modelling alterations to peak river flows with future climate changes at undergraduate level, and an assessment of the water-related risks associated with the River Gaunless, in collaboration with the Wear Rivers Trust and Environment Agency, at Master’s level, I now focus on climate change and hydrological modelling.

I am extremely interested in interdisciplinary approaches and human-environment interactions and feedbacks. A further interest is the presentation of science in the media and how potentially controversial topics can be best communicated to policymakers and members of the public.

Current research
My PhD research focuses on the Tana River Basin, Kenya’s largest river basin, and examines how hydrology and biodiversity will be affected by climate change.  Climate change presents an increasing challenge for human and environmental well-being and poses a serious threat to both water resources and biodiversity.

I use the Wallace Initiative database of projected species’ movements with climate warming to see how the biodiversity of the Tana Basin will be affected by climate change and a hydrological model to determine changes in water resources and the implications of land management strategies, to see where biodiversity and human development come into conflict.
Eastern Africa is in urgent need of scientific evidence and modelling tools to facilitate decision making and in order to determine robust adaptation measures.

MADE Agency Award for Excellence in Infographics at the 2015 EnvEXPO

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research PhD Conference 2016 (University of East Anglia, oral presentation)

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

Primary supervisor: Dr Rachel Warren
Other supervisors: Dr Helen He, Dr Jeff Price and Prof Tim Osborn

Other activities
Member, organising committee for the Tyndall Centre 2016 PhD Conference
Associate Tutor at UEA – demonstrating on GIS modules
Designing and delivering outreach activities in schools
Guest blogger on

Professional Memberships
Royal Geographical Society
British Ecological Society
Higher Education Academy

THINKBig 3-day innovation training (Hethel Innovation)
Extreme Flood Events: Forecasting, Modelling & Response (NERC ATSC, Lancaster University)
Infographics training course (University of East Anglia/MADE Agency)
Understanding and Communicating Environmental Risk and Uncertainty (NERC ATSC, Cranfield University)
Understanding Uncertainty in Environmental Modelling (NERC ATSC, LSE)
R Programming (Coursera)
Developing Teaching Skills (UEA)
The Interdisciplinary PhD (UEA)
Water Security for Policy Makers and Practitioners (UEA)
Public Engagement Training (NERC, Swindon)