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Richmal Paxton

Richmal PaxtonA photo of Richmal Paxton






My primary research interests lie in the fields of sedimentology, Earth system science and paleoclimatology. I am particularly interested in the study of sedimentary diagenetic processes, and the reconstruction and analysis of paleoenvironmental conditions.

I obtained a BSc in Environmental Geoscience with First Class honours from Durham University in 2013. This degree gave me the opportunity to study a variety of Earth Science topics, with a firm backing in geology.

In 2015 I received an MSc in Climate Change with Distinction from UEA. Within this degree I was able to develop my interest in the Earth system, both in regards to present climate change and with respect to the investigation of past climates and environments. For my Masters dissertation I applied the Carbonate Clumped Isotope Paleothermometer to bulk rock and fossil samples from the late Cretaceous succession of the North Norfolk coast in order to examine changes in paleotemperature and seawater composition, with reference to previous studies in the region.


Current Research

Microbes mud mucus and minerals: deep-time record of microbial environments and processes.


Carbonate concretions are common in the geological record and are assumed to be by-products of microbial activity. However, the early biogeochemical processes involved in concretion formation remain ambiguous.

The aim of my project is to increase the understanding of the early chemical and physical modification of concretion bearing sediments by microbes.

I will be using the Carbonate Clumped Isotope Paleothermometer alongside other geochemical methods and data to establish cementation conditions, including reliable temperature estimates, which will help the understanding of time integrated pore water evolution.

Early microbial influences will be examined through organic geochemical analysis of concretions and parallel culture experiments that will simulate early environmental conditions.



2015: The Hubert H. Lamb Memorial Prize for best MSc Dissertation in Climate Change, UEA.


Supervisory team

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Julian Andrews (UEA)

Secondary Supervisor: Dr. Nikolai Pedentchouk (UEA)

Other supervisory team members:

Mr. Paul Dennis (UEA)

Dr. Alina Marca (UEA)