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Ulysse Pasquier

Ulysse Pasquier

Ulysse Pasquier


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Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography and Political Science from McGill University in Canada, I went on to graduate with distinction from the MSc Global Environmental Change at King’s College London.  My dissertation assessed the impacts of climatic changes on the performance of dams and reservoirs. I then studied Environmental Management as part of an Advanced Master held in China and France, which led me to work with Veolia on the definition of integrated water management strategies. In the months prior to starting my PhD, I participated in natural hazard research at the EDF Energy R&D Centre in London.

I am originally from the South of France, a vulnerable region that is not only threatened by sea level rise but which has also experienced serious storms in recent years. My research interests include: climate change adaptation and mitigation, flood risks and water management.

Current research
PhD title: Modelling future flood risk for adaptation planning of coastal and inland flooding: a case study of the Broads

Global mean sea levels are increasing due to climate change and are predicted to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Sea-level rise is expected to have a wide range of impacts on coastal communities, natural environments and infrastructure. While adaptation measures are necessary, they will not only depend on local conditions, but also on stakeholder perception of scientific information.

Taking Britain’s largest wetland – the Broads – as a case study, my PhD project will look into the implications of adaptation options on compound flood risk and salinity changes as well as explore the processes of co-production of knowledge for decision-making. The final objective of my research will be to provide recommendations for integrated flood management and adaptation policies.

Supervisory team
Primary supervisor: Dr Helen He
Secondary supervisor: Dr Marisa Goulden
Other supervisory team members: Prof Kevin Hiscock, Simon Hooton (Broads Authority)