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Vanessa Kienmoser

Vanessa KienmoserVanessa Kienmoser smiles at the camera



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Before commencing my academic career, I completed a RYA/ISA Yacht- Master sailing course in Ireland, which helped me to improve my team working and leading skills.

My main research interest are algae, before I came to University I started using seaweed for cooking and offered rocky shore trips to identify edible algae in Ireland. I created an educational website about seaweed identification, in collaboration with Dr Andrew Davies. Moreover, I wrote my bachelor dissertation about ‘The role of phlorotannins in regard to phenotypic plasticity in macro algae; A Review of distribution, impact of development and ecology’. To further enhance my laboratory skills and knowledge about microbiology I chose a Masters project focusing on enteric viruses in collaboration with VIRAQUA and NERC ( This enabled me to write my Master’s thesis about the ‘Surveillance of enteric viruses in sediment and shellfish; Quantification of optimum extraction method and viral assemblages’.      


Current Research

MY PhD project is about the halogen production of macro algae and their impact on the ecosystem and climate. The demand for seaweeds as food and/or fuel source is continuously rising, causing an increase of aquacultures. Therefore, it is important to determine algae species with the lowest emissions, to enable sustainable seaweed production in future. The gas exchange on a microbiological scale needs to be studied further, improving our understanding of the interactions between and impacts of bacterial communities living on the algae’s surface as well as in the sea- surface- microlayer i.e. atmospheric flux. We will include data from previous measurements and conduct different experiments (in vivo/ in vitro) with temperate and tropical algal species, further data will be gathered in collaboration with aquacultures in Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam and/or China).



Lead student organising the Phycology Society meeting 2017 at Bangor University in collaboration with Dr Andrew Davies.

Poster presentation at Bangor University 2017 ‘Most efficient Method for determining enteric viruses found in shellfish and sediment’


Supervisory Team

Dr Gill Malin (UEA)

Prof Bill Sturges (UEA)

Emma Elvidge (UEA


Other relevant activities

RYA/ISA Yacht- master sailing.

Student Representative in first year at Bangor University.

Educational Rocky shore trips in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Development and admin of educational website about seaweed identification and recipes in collaboration with Dr Andrew Davies; 

Lead student organising the Phycology Society meeting 2017 at Bangor University in collaboration with Dr Andrew Davies.