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The E3i (EnvEast Enterprise and Innovation) Student Club

Research within environmental science involves more than just furthering knowledge, it has another place within society in dealing with issues of global importance. But very rarely is this place acknowledged. One reason for this is because links between academic institutions, industry leaders and policy makers, and of course the wider public, have historically been fairly weak. Enterprise and innovation are broad terms for the method by which these links can be created. In the context of our research it can mean engaging in outreach with the wider public, getting involved with local government or creating a product that can be used to address an environmental issue.

The E3i (EnvEast Enterprise and Innovation) club is a student-led organisation which seeks to promote these activities through developing training opportunities, encouraging science communication, and creating ties with non-academic organisations with the aim of realising the full potential of our research.

Any research student based at one of EnvEast's partner institutes working within the NERC remit may join this club. If you're interested in joining, or wish to assist the club, or just need some more information, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Natasha Senior – President
Beth Williams - Vice-President

Jessie Gardner - Treasurer
Philip Lamb - Creative Director
David Litchfield - Policy officer
Kris Sales - Communications Officer
Seth Thomas - E3i Writer


You can also find us on social media:


E3i Student Club - News and Events

E3i Seminar: Hacking for Nature

E3i Seminar: Hacking for Nature

Dr Tom August, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Wednesday 11 November, 4pm
UEA, SCI 3.05

If you are a postgraduate or early career researcher, in any field of natural or environmental science, and you want to learn about how your research can impact the wider world, the E3i club invites you to attend their seminar series focusing on innovative technologies in the natural sciences.

We are pleased to introduce as our first speaker Dr Tom August, from the Centre of Hydrology and Ecology, who will talk about how current and emerging technologies are changing the way we study and record the natural world.