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Katharine (Kate) Rogerson

Katharine (Kate) Rogerson


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2010 – 2013 BSc Biology at University of Bristol
2013-2015 Masters by Research at University of Bristol: The effect of anthropogenic noise on the alarm-call behaviour of dwarf mongooses (Helogale parvula)

Current research

In response to recent global environmental change, animal migratory patterns are being altered and previously wholly migratory species, such as white storks (Ciconia ciconia), that wintered in Sub-Saharan Africa now have resident populations in Southern Europe. This project takes advantage of state-of-the-art GPS/GSM loggers and the closure of land fill sites (which offer a winter food source), to unravel some of the mechanisms underlying bird migratory behaviour. Objectives include: identifying the determinant of migratory behaviour in storks, determining the demographic consequences of migration and residency and determining the population consequences of demographic changes and residents in response to future environmental changes.


Previously attended conferences:
British Ecological Society AGM December 2012
INTECOL August 2013
Association for Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) winter conference 2013 (presented poster with preliminary results of masters thesis)
ASAB Summer conference 2014
ASAB winter conference 2014

Other relevant activities

I have previously been press office intern at the British Ecological Society in the run up to the INTECOL conference in London and recently been communications intern at the Bat Conservation Trust.